Friday, 18 April 2014

Best exclusives to buy for platinums.

A while back the miscrits shop were updated so that you can use platinums to buy exclusives.

Many might be having a limited amount of platinums and might be facing a tough decision to decide which exclusives or premiums to spend those platinums.

So I have decided to make this special guide for you to help you choose the best ones for you.

This are just my opinions after looking at all the miscrits that are available for platinums.

For 400(320 with trait) Platinums:

Go for Harerazor complete confusion and laser focus makes it the best crit. Check out the review too.

Harerazor Review.

You can consider Elite Cadbunny or Elite Casanova if you already have it.

For 200(160 with trait) Platinums:

Spikeshock is the best one it has got powerful final moves both physical and elemental. Its only available in VI Miscrits Shop. Check out the review too.

Spikeschock Review.

You can consider Rocker Octavio or Foil Deurus if you already have it.

Need more platinums claim them all here.

Amazing update exclusives and premiums for platinums.

A great update from BBS, Now you can buy the recently released exclusives like harerazor, elite cadbunny, elite casanova, elite rudy all for platinums. Just 320 platinums if you have the vendor trait or 400 for those without it.

Would definitely suggest to use the golden opportunity to buy your favorite exclusives this week as it will no longer be available from next week onward.

Finding hard to choose between harerazor and elite cadbunny check out the reviews for both and choose the one that best suits you.

Harerazor review.

Elite Cadbunny review.

Need more platinums check out complete collection of all free links that has been released so far its more than over 100. A good chance for you to buy the exclusives if you are new and have not claimed them before.

Claim all free platinums.

Beakka Review the new ultimate pack miscrit.

Beakka Review:
Beakka stats are a bit disappointing 3 moderate stats on the most important stats was a down part of this miscrit. Skillset is good only with complete confusion move. There is no new skills for this one.

Relics are definitely needed if you want to make this miscrit a good one.

Without relics its not that good one HP and PD are moderate this two things are the crucial stats when a miscrit faces opponents.

Type: Wind Miscrit
Location: Ultimate Miscrit Pack


What we love?
Complete confusion and elite PA.

Would be better.
If there was a good final PA move.

Relics Recommended.
Relics that can boost PD and HP.

Assign Trainer on PA.

HP: Moderate
EA: Moderate
ED: Elite
PA: Elite
PD: Moderate
SP: Strong


Lv1- Breeze
Lv1- Power Up
Lv4- Swipe
Lv7- Shields Up
Lv10- Whiff
Lv13- Impact
Lv16- Tickle
Lv19- Twister Toxin (DoT move)
Lv22- Overwhelm
Lv25- Wallop
Lv28- Complete Confusion
Lv30- Majesty (25 AP, 100% acc if enchanted)
Lv35- Gust of Mending (Heals +80 if enchanted, 50% acc, can be used only once)

Stats: 3.5/5
Skillset: 4/5

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Utimate pack miscrits for free spam.

Spams are rising everyday. We like to take special actions before many users fall victim for it.

We have already taken steps for this anyone that post spams in the community is now removed without any prior warning too!

Any page that are promising you free rewards for you doing silly steps are all fakes like this recent ultimate pack scam by Miscrits Friends and Tricks after the 1000 platinum for free spam.

The blog is simply using you to get what they want.

Freebies are only released by BBS and there is no other way that you can get rather than paying. 

Using hacks will lead to permanent ban of your account. Try at your own risk.

Even if you get the link you will be redirected to the app only and you will get no reward like most of this spammers do.

All freebies links from BBS are right here and you can claim them all here.

If you are a regular player you might have claimed them all before. New to the game check out all the links.

There are a total of four freebies post, check them all:

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Miscrits today daily arena reward. Unravel the mysterious reward to win freebies.

What is today daily arena reward in dawn of adventure expansion.
In this post whoever completes the daily arena first just post the daily arena reward in both Sunfall Kingdom and Volcano Island down in the comments along with a pic of it.

Do not lie because if we found out that you have lied you will be permanently removed from this reward program.

Do not forget to bookmark this link.

Just reveal the daily arena mystery to win rewards.

What is in it for you?

Whoever post the daily arena reward first for five days will get 1$ worth fbc from us!

It does not need to be consecutive if you post first today there is no compulsion that you need to post again first tomorrow to win the reward. If you post for 5 days first you get the dollar worth facebook gift card.

You can unlock one free player trait if you post first for 10 days straight.

Do not forget to participate in the giveaways to win cool miscrits rewards.

So complete the daily arena first and post it down in the comments.

Do not forget to mention the date when you post down in the comments too so that others can too know about what actually is the reward for the particular day.

Refer to this guide if you are finding hard to leave a comment.

How to comment?

What you need to post?

Daily arena reward picapp name which is sk or vi + date (format 16 April 2014)

To add a pic refer to the image below:

Monday, 14 April 2014

Monday giveaway sponsored by

We have an amazing giveaway for you all. All you need to do is just download this app on your android or i0S device and try it out.

We will be giving away 100 MP each to three random persons.

All you need to do is just try the app and leave a sincere comment down below regarding the app.

That's all you need to do to participate in the giveaway.

Visit the link below for a full review of the app and the download link for the app.

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BBS stop trolling the miscrits packs. DoA miscrits as premium s**ks.

BBS are you trolling us all. When all this dawn miscrits became premium miscrits. Players need to think twice before buying any miscrits packs as most of them might be getting dawn miscrits as premium ones.

Seriously pillblaze and auger as premium really disappointed from the free silver packs.

So what you got from the free packs comment below. The first packs were really good now I do not know what to say for them. Its better if they would try to chance the premiums.

For those who have not claimed them yet you can claim them here.

Two free silver packs.