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Miscrits Stats Calculator Calculate your Miscrits Stats.

Written By Mangsatabam Amarjit Singh on Sunday, 21 April 2013 | 01:38

Miscrits Stats Calculator - Calculate your Miscrits Stats without actually putting relic and using your brains with the help of this simple calculator.

This is how you relic Miscrits with the help of Miscrits Stats Calculator.

Many of you might be using calculators or literally calculating the stats of the miscrits before adding any relics to your miscrits and its a lot of confusion particularly when you want to fully relic a miscrit. What relics to add and what will be the effect afterwards cause the only option you get is to destroy the relics and replace it with a new one. I know how hardly you earn platinums and you might not want to waste all your hard earned platinums. So solve this confusion of what relics you can add you can just simply use this Miscrits Stats calculator and experience the effects in the real time. Its simple clean and fun to use.

Wondering what relics to be added to your Miscrits what will be the stats after adding those relics. Here is the simple stats calculator created by Niyanta Sinha you can just simply enter all the stats of your miscrit in the top and go on adding the relics(* After three relics are added a popup will appear saying you can add only three relics but you can still experiment).

Like this

The interface is simple and friendly. Easily you can calculate the miscrits stats. Just visit there and experiment it for yourself. The simple miscrits stats calculator that can help you adding relics to your miscrits and experiencing the stats as the relics are added like in the original game of Miscrits World of adventure. Really liked it.

Just for fun the ultimate test All relics equipped!