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Claim an exclusive Miscrit for free.

Written By Mangsatabam Amarjit Singh on Saturday, 4 May 2013 | 16:15

Have you always wanted to own an exclusive miscrit but do not have enough facebook credits tired with all those spam sites which promises you free facebook credits or exclusives. Well your search is about to end here. We will explain you some of the simple steps to get a holiday exclusive for free this a legit way, we get commissions from you visiting the site from the advertisers and we spend the money to reward you the exclusive miscrit. It takes time like all good things take time. The steps provided here are not just random make up steps if you follow them you will surely get an exclusive holiday miscrit. It would be of great aid to us if you visit the site regularly.

Rules are quite simple once you get qualified you get 149 facebook credits no limit on how many times one person can get this reward if he/she has earned 150,000 points again he/she will get the reward again. No random draws so all can be a winner. Another interesting one is that if you are among the top 10 in the leaderboards you will take part in a 10% chance to win an exclusive holiday miscrit yearly draw.

Image credits to Cernan Ruz

What you need to do?

Punchtab programs are retiring so all you need to do is now participate in giveaways, contest and earn MP for rewards.

Visit the Miscrits Rewarder Blog daily. You get daily upto 500 punchtab points. That's in just 300 days with less than a minute daily in miscritsrewarder.
Do not know how to earn points refer to this guide. Earning punchtab points easily.
  1. You need to have 150,000 Punchtab points here. 
  2. Be among the top 10 in the punchtab leaderboard in the site to be qualified for yearly exclusive lucky draw. 10% chance to win for every member in the top 10 might be more than one winner or none well its upto luck.
Fulfill any one of the two and get an exclusive miscrit absolutely free!

Still finding hard to trust that you will get an exclusive wait till someone gets his/her first exclusive because you need someone to get it first to believe you are not an initiator, you are just another passive spectator. If you are an initiator you will share this post to everyone without me even telling to share it. But what to do you are just a spectator coz you are reading this lines till now and I cannot help spectators. Prove me wrong by sharing this post now!
Congrats if you shared! You are now just a few steps away from getting your first exclusive.
Just look at the bottom of the browser you will see rewards tab just click on the facebook icon to connect with facebook and start earning your puchtab points in the site.
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