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How to reset my miscrits account

Written By Mangsatabam Amarjit Singh on Sunday, 26 May 2013 | 02:01

This question is one of the most discussed questions in the groups, forums and everywhere. Well its very simple to reset your miscrits account, you have to just send a mail at miscrits@brokenbulbstudios.com to have your accounts reset along with your facebook ID number its will be provided when you click on the reset my account at the bottom page of the game.

When you click on that link you will be automatically redirected to this page with the instructions on how to reset your miscrits account. It will provide your facebook ID number which must be included when you send the mail to miscrits@brokenbulbstudios.com

When you reset your miscrits account both the sunfall kingdom and volcano island would be resetted and you will lost all the progress in the game and the purchases you made. Earlier it was very simple you can reset your miscrits account in a few steps but when volcano island released there was mass discussions about users who accidently resetted their accounts when they click on links sent by their friends and there was a big issue so for the safety of the miscrits players the new reset method was implemented.

Here is the simple thing you can do to reset your Miscrits account.

Go to your mailbox
Follow the simple format below and type in the mail.

Subject: I want to reset my miscrits account and I am 100% sure that I want to do it.
I want to reset my miscrits account and start a new journey in Miscrits. My facebook ID is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.
Use your facebook name here.

Just send this simple mail and you will have your miscrits account resetted soon. Regularly check your mail to see if any updates has arrived from them or not. Wait for their reply, they will be happy to inform you that your miscrits account was resetted.

Hope it helps if you have any queries feel free to leave your comments below.