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How to unban my Miscrits account

Written By Mangsatabam Amarjit Singh on Friday, 24 May 2013 | 15:50

Many players got recently banned and most of the post in the community was discussions about why I got banned well its due to the new cheat detection system in Miscrits earlier many of you might be using the unlimited cheat for golds, items and gems but now if you do that you will surely be banned.So if you use that cheat now you are sure to get banned, its better to play safe than got banned for just a few minutes of joy. Well my recommendation to all is that never hack or cheat in any game.

New update:

Unbaning your account is a lot simpler now just visit here and unban you.

Unban my miscrits account.

You can refer below the sample message for some help.

Well if you are among those players who got banned just send a mail to broken bulb studios banned@brokenbulbstudios.com along with your Facebook ID if its not provided in the banned page visit here findmyfacebookid.com

Click on your name  and copy the entire link and paste it in the box below.

Now copy the numeric number this is your numeric facebook ID number.

Login to your mail account:

Type a mail 

Below is a sample of a mail.
In the to field type: banned@brokenbulbstudios.com
Subject field type: My miscrits account is banned
Body follow the sample below for instructions.

Once finished just hit the send button to send the mail to broken bulbs. It takes a while for them to review your account. They will get back to you as soon as possible just have faith. State true reasons if not they will not reply to you.

Hope it helps!

Its best if you do not use any cheat and hack in the game the new cheat detection is already in work.

New Cheat Detection
You may have noticed more players getting banned for cheating over the past few days- you may even be one of those players!

There are several cheats which players have been using to get unlimited gold and items that our cheat detector was previously unable to find, but we've upgraded it and now those cheaters aren't getting away with it.

Consider this your warning to turn over a new leaf if you've previously cheated in the game and gotten away with it

Each ban is then looked at on an individual basis- you could be unbanned with no consequences, have all of your gold and items taken away, have your whole account reset, or be given a permanent ban. It depends on the severity of the infraction, and the general conduct of the player.

If you are banned, please follow the instructions on the page you're directed to. Email banned@brokenbulbstudios.com with the FBID# we show you on the page, and DO NOT post in the forums. We will get to each person's email as time permits.