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How to get free platinum in Miscrits.

Written By Mangsatabam Amarjit Singh on Wednesday, 5 June 2013 | 19:20

Well everyone is crazy after platinums in miscrits because with them you can train miscrits, enchant miscrits or buy miscrits, buy relics and all. Here is the complete collection of all the miscrits free platinum links from broken bulb studios enjoy with them if you have already used them claimed them early you wont be able to claim them again because this links work only once and some ways to earn free platinum in Miscrits.

Update: BBS has released some more extra links for free platinums. Now you can claim more platinums. 35 more platinums.

Enjoy your free platinums in the game.

You can also earn free platinums by completing offers in the game.

Watch videos which show up in the game screen under the title watch and earn free platinum.

Depending on which country you live in the offers and the frequency in which the videos show up will be different. 

Never trust sites which post 1000 free platinum or like that they are spam sites which will benefit from your foolishness. 1000 free platinum for just sharing a link or liking some pages is pure madness. BBS has no links with them and you cannot simply get free platinums just by sharing all those links in your wall. Its time to wake up. The hack tools and all the other stuffs are there just to lure you in. I have tried almost all like you did and its all fake I can gurantee it 100% now. 

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