Saturday, 8 June 2013

Toothy Miscrits Rewarder Pro Review

Type: Water / Lightning Miscrit
Location: Miscrit Shop
Toothy the new dual element miscrit just made a grand entry in the miscrits shop today. This water and lightning miscrit is probably a deadly miscrit with both max elemental and physical attack and strong defenses. Only the moderate heath is the down part of this miscrit. Skillset is good not that great just good. Shocks and wicked showers the two damage over time lightning and water moves. Keep fighting which heals 15 HP before your opponents turn. The final move justice which hits 5 times with AP 6 and replenishes 10 HP when enchanted. A great miscrit to add to your team.

Toothy would be better if
Its HP is strong.

What we like about Toothy
The damage and the heal over time moves. Skillset is good.

Recommended Relics for toothy
Frozen coin, Molten coin and Petrified Mama Body.

HP: Moderate
EA: Max
ED: Strong
PA: Max
PD: Strong
SP: Moderate

Level 1 - Spray
Level 1 - Spark
Level 4 - Smack
Level 7 - High Focus
Level 10 - Stray Voltage
Level 13 - Bright Lights
Level 16 - Bash
Level 19 - Keep Fighting ( Heal over Time )
Level 22 - Shocks ( Lightning EA Damage over Time )
Level 25 - Wicked Shower ( Water EA Damage over Time )
Level 28 - Intimidation
Level 30 - Justice ( PA ) 5 x 6 90% Accuracy Enchanted +10 Heal

Evolution 1 Toothy
Toothy never stops smiling, and it's always friendly to anyone that it meets, even if they're awfully rude.
Evolution 2 Prongs
What Prongs lacks in speed, it makes up for in looking flashy while it zips around. It isn't fast, but it is eye-catching.
Evolution 3 Livewire
Both the Water and Lightning parts of Livewire are made of a gel-like material. Both elements work together perfectly because of their similarities.
Evolution 4 Heero
Heero can strike fear into anyone's heart with just one piercing glare. Its eyes seem to know everything about you.

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