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Get platinum in miscrits.

Written By Mangsatabam Amarjit Singh on Wednesday, 17 July 2013 | 17:12

Many new comers might not be aware of it so I just made a post on how you can get platinum in miscrits. This are the ways in which you get platinum in miscrits.

Pic from miscrits.com

First when you capture a miscrit or train a miscrit and evolve a miscrit you get 1 platinum and rank up in the game.

The platinum arena this is where you get platinums when you battle with opponents in the platinum arena. You earn 1 platinum for every miscrit you defeat and one extra platinum if you win. So a total of 5 platinums per battle. If you win in a streak without losing you get 5 platinum extra at 5, 10 and 20 wins respectively.

You can earn platinums in both sunfall kingdom and volcano island. So a total of 200 platinums (100 in each platinum arena) plus 15 platinums if you win upto 20 in a streak with battlemaster master player trait without it only 150 platinums (75 in each platinum arena) plus 15 platinum if you win in a streak. If you lose one of the battle while completing the streak, it gets resetted and you start from zero.

The Miscrian Temple in volcano island also provides as a source of free platinum. You need to unlock the zone it cost 95 facebook credits. The platinum chest gets filled with 10 platinum every 48 hours.

The wishing well in sunfall kingdom and the community chest in volcano island can serve both as a souce of free platinum and gold. You may get 1 platinum or 500 gold depending on your luck. It gets filled every 4 hours.

Thats all the means in which you can get platinum in miscrits in game. Completing surveys can earn you platinum too.

For more information on how you can get free platinum in miscrits visit the link below.