Nox Domain Miscrits.

Written By Mangsatabam Amarjit Singh on Tuesday, 16 July 2013 | 13:41

Nox's domain is the zone which become accessible only when you have defeated all the six elementums and you need to defeat the toughest magicite Apollo Nox to get access to this domain. Here lies the three most powerful miscrits in the whole of Miscria Tripfire, Cindera and Light Blazebit which naturally are all fire miscrits but the toughest and the most used miscrits in the platinum arena. Tripfire is the most deadly among them with deadly stats and skillset a must train miscrit for all even for the pros in Miscrits. With max health, elite elemental attack and strong defenses. This miscrit is sure a killer miscrit.

Six look alike miscrits with different elements and unique elemental skillset Aquanox(Water), Pyronox(Fire), Environox(Nature), Terranox(Earth), Electronox(Lightning) and Aeronox(Wind). Each of them is one of six entities of pure magic, born from the meddling of the tyrant Magicite, Apollo Nox. Each possesses powerful elemental abilities.

A quick preview of the  Nox's domain.

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