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Train your miscrits super fast in Sunfall Kingdom.

Written By Mangsatabam Amarjit Singh on Wednesday, 17 July 2013 | 15:54

Almost all trainer find it hard to level up their miscrits. It takes a longtime to finish a battle and its a tiresome process after reading this simple tips you will  know exactly what you can do and level up your miscrits superfast.

What you need is a level 30 miscrit with a good physical attack and which heals itself so that you have no casualities and the battle continues forever and your miscrits get trained too.

Normally the miscrian forest is ideal for training miscrits in the early levels but it gets tougher as you continue to train when the miscrits level up higher. So I would suggest that you train those higher level miscrits in the area just near the shack where the kilorays, mumbahs and breezycheeks are there.

This miscrits have weak physical defenses and the msicrits get trained a lot faster as two miscrits of level 28 are paired in one battle and you earn enough xp. This one is so far the best spot to train miscrits and I train almost all my miscrits here.

The shack is opened and so you do not need to go all the way back and come there again so that you can search again. Just go inside the shack and then come out you can search the miscrits again and there is no need to return and come back all the way form the entrance. This greatly reduces your time.

Word of advice to all do not use multitabs while training your miscrits. Your miscrits account will be banned when the xp meter goes beyond 100 xp your miscrits account will be automatically banned. So refrain from using multitabs while levelling up miscrits.

A video guide on how to train your miscrits fast in Miscrits of Sunfall Kingdom.

Do not have a level 30 and a good PA miscrit to start training in the last zone in mount gemma. Train your miscrits in the Miscrian Forest Progress steadily and then go on levelling up your miscrits. Upto level 9 train in the first part of the forest. Then move on to the next part of the forest. Do not take chances and move on early in the next area everything has its own time. Then from 9 onwards train in the next area till the miscrits reach level 19. Then move on to the next part of the forest train there till the miscrit hit level 25. Then from level 25 onwards you can train in the last part of the forest. 

You can also train in the Miscrits Mansion. Battling normal miscrits ( same level miscrits ) takes time and your miscrits loses some hp while battling and it takes time but you get high xp. Considering the advantage and the disadvantage its always wiser to battle low level miscrits but not too low from your miscrits level that you end up earning almost negligible amount of xp.

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