Thursday, 29 August 2013

We are hiring new content creators.

Miscrits Rewarder is growing at an exponential rate and we are planning to hire new content creators for the miscrits rewarder community. He/She must be a skilled miscrits player an must know how to write about the game or do something interesting for the fans in the community like creating new drawings, comics, stories,.... The skilled he/she is the more rewards he or she is going to get. Must be able to handle and create contents when asked.

At the starting of the week a list of task will be mailed to you which you need to complete in that particular week. Do not worry the task will be simple and it will take roughly a few hours to complete.

You can choose from any of the specific post you are interested in:

Article writer:

Need to know very well about the game, must be a pro in the game, must know almost every detail about all miscrits, elementums, magicites and must be well versed in english. Must know how to write informative guides and tips for #MiscritsRewarder


Must be creative well versed in editing, drawing and styling. Must be skilled in using photoshop and other image editing tools.

Social Media Promoter:

Promote miscrits rewarder everywhere you can. Groups, forums, pages but no spamming. If found spamming you will be removed from this post...

What is there for you?

Exclusive miscrits, platinums, temple, cave of mists, the shack lower basement and all which you will be able to unlock as you achieve certain levels.

The more skills you have the higher the chances of getting qualified.

Selections are scheduled this Sunday. Interested candidates can apply. 

Do not forget to Submit a brief info about What makes you think that you are up for this task before Saturday. The selections depends much on this question so answer it well. 
Submit the answer via e-mail @ on submitting answers via mail do not forget to insert your fb profile link or leave me a message on facebook if you are new to all this mailing stuffs profile link is

Make use of this golden chance while you still can. Become a part of the growing Miscrits Rewarder Community.
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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Monster Saga

Monster Saga is a simple and a clean monster capture and train game. You do not need much strategy, this game will provide you with some enjoyment. Not the best game out there but good considering you do not need to worry about anything. Just play it and enjoy. Not that great as miscrits but simple and nice. Bored with all the training and other stuffs just enjoy this game.

While walking home one day, an unnamed hero falls into a black hole and is teleported to Ovest Town on the planet Battalia. For reasons unknown, he is suddenly given pet monsters to train for the purpose of defeating Professor Mad Dog Lunatic, the villain who teleported him to this planet. And you are the unnamed hero.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The Djinn of Aerobia Rising Soon.

Many rumours have been lurking around in Miscria about The Djinn of Aerobia. Now it has been finally confirmed that The Djinn of Aerobia is making a grand entry in Aerobia so get ready to face this mighty creature. Mighty and magestic I would say. So what do you think about this mighty being. Voice your opinions in the comments below and make sure you bookmark this link so that you do not miss any interesting updates about it. Until then raise your miscrits, train them well and get ready for the adventure that is waiting for you. The Djinns of Aerobia i How to defeat Djinn Aerobia Now @ Miscrits Rewarder Visit the link to find out.

News in the Miscrits Official Pages.

There's a new threat coming to Miscria that only YOU can defeat... The Djinn of Aerobia are rising soon!

Which one do you think will be more powerful The Djinn of Aerobia or Apollo Nox? Let the comment war begin.
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Miscrits Ultimate Challenge

Are you ready for the Ultimate challenge? Cannot  hear you... Now take a deep breath...Hold for a while... Now are you ready for the challenge. This not going to be an easy challenge. Only pros in the game will be able to take this challenge. Accept this challenge and prove that you too are a pro in Miscrits. Links to the facebook profile of all those who win in this challenge will be put in a special page in Miscrits Rewarder Under the title the "The Pros in Miscrits" 

Get your name listed in pros.
What you need to?
All you need to do is Win 20 battles in the platinum arena in streak. The total no. of platinums earned must be less than or equal to hundred in both the miscrit apps. 2 chances this week and next week.

Reward: Get 2 miscrits trained for free! #MiscritsRewarder

Check out everything we offer in the Miscrits Rewarder Marketplace
Visit the Ultimate Miscrits Market!
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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Miscrits gold, items and relics get more.

Gold, platinum, items, gems, virtue and relics what are they, how to get them, use them. Here is the complete guide for new comers in the game. If you are unaware of them and want to know more about it I have compiled a guide for you on how to get this stuffs in Miscrits, how to use them and almost every questions regarding them that you might be seeking for answers. Feel free to leave a comment if you want to get more info regarding them. Join the miscrits rewarder community and get blown away. Miscrits Rewarder is the best and the most epic miscrits community ever with 50+ new member additions per day.


This specially crafted material when equipped on your miscrits has the capability to boost its stats. According to the level of your miscrits it can equip certain relics for example a level 10 miscrit cannot equip a level 20 relic or a level 30. So your miscrit should be of the right level if you want to equip the relic. The level requirement for a particular relic is indicated on the relic.

A maximum of three relics can be equipped to a particular miscrit at a time. So if you want to equip a relic to a miscrit which has already got 3 relics you have to destroy one of them.

How to buy relics?

Relics can be bought from the items and relics shop in Miscrits. Relics can be bought using platinums which you can earn in the following ways. Easily get platinum in miscrits.

Quick view on how to use them.

How to equip a relic to a miscrit?

Equipping a relic to a miscrit is very simple and easy. Just go to the items and relics shop buy a relic. Select the miscrit and then click on an empty slot to equip a relic to the miscrit.


Heals or enhance the miscrits stats when used. Items are also similar with relics in the sense that there is a level requirement for using specific items. For example you cannot use a mythical or major enchant in a level 3 miscrit. The level requirement for each potion or enchant is indicated.

How to buy items?

Items can be bought from the items and relics shop in miscrits using gold. Refer below on how to get gold in Miscrits.

How to get items in Miscrits?

Items can be earned from the battle arena or when you battle in the wild items just pops up which you can collect. Friends can also send you items via the daily gifting system in miscrits. From Items And Relics Shop.

How to use items in a battle?

During the battle select on the items tab this will show all the available items. If there is no items, go to the items and relics shop and buy them.


In game currency which can be used for purchasing items, enchanting miscrit skills.

How to get gold in Miscrits?
Gold can be earned by completing quests, from battles in the wild or battle arena, by making a wish in the wishing well which is right in the centre of Sunfall Kingdom and the community chest in Volcano Island which is near the ship dock. Selling items can also get you half the amount of the price of the original item. The daily spin can also provide you with some gold if you are lucky.

How to enchant a miscrit skill?

Enchanting a miscrit skill is very simple. Just click on the miscrit skill you want to enchant. Enchanting the miscrit skill further enhances the miscrit skill and further boosts the capabilities.


In game currency which can be used for purchasing miscrits from the miscrits shop.

How to get gems in Miscrits?

You can get gems by opening gems chest which your miscrits friends can send you daily. From the battle arena rewards, daily spin, visiting your friend’s house and sending them a virtue you get one gem and by completing quests.

Help your friends and get a virtue or a gem.
How to purchase miscrits using gems?

Visit the miscrits shop. Just select the miscrit you want to purchase. The amount of gems will be displayed below the miscrit. If you have the required amount of gems. Just select and then confirm your purchase.

Finally the guide on all the in-game currencies and stuffs is complete. Make sure you comment your opinions in the comments section below.


It gets automatically refilled after an interval of few minutes. You can also get a virtue when you heal a miscrit in their house or when they send you virtue in return for a gem. Battle arena rewards and quest completion.

How to heal miscrits using virtue?
Visit the miscrits healer and then ask him to heal your miscrits. 10 virtues is needed to heal all your miscrits. Platinums can be used to heal miscrits if you run out of virtue.

Complete collection of all freebies in miscrits. Visit here to claim all of them. All freebie links.

Train miscrits for free.

I was pretty busy this few days ago, exams what to do. So I did not have much time to update the blog. Well I am back with some amazing offer. For the first time in the miscrits rewarder community, you will be getting a chance to get a miscrit trained for free by simply suggesting what would you like the  next miscrits rewarder contest to be. Some of the best suggestions will be considered and whoever is lucky will get their miscrits trained for free by miscrits rewarder. Isn't it amazing. Can't hear can you speak a little louder. Yes that's the spirit.

Head straight to the facebook group or page to leave a comment there or just leave a comment below. New miscrits are now available in the miscrits shop. What you all think about this update. Share in the comments below. For me Twilly in the volcano island miscrits shop. Missed it last time hoping for a comeback now its finally here. (Know why twilly is a real sniper)
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Friday, 23 August 2013

Miscrits Spin Updated Finally, Miscrits Pack @ Discounted Price.

Miscrits Spin is finally updated now! After a long wait of many weeks now toothy and dark eggy is now as the spin rewards. No quite excited but good considering toothy is a great miscrits and got some interesting skillset. Read the complete review here. (Toothy Review).
Miscrits Pack is now available at some interesting price and if you have been planning for a long time to get one you can take the benefit of this special discount on miscrits packs. So far its been an amazing week first the two aerobia rares at the battle arena and now the daily spin update.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Unlock miscrits travel agency zone for free.

The wait is finally over the miscrits rewarder contest is finally here, head over to the facebook page or group to take part in the simple contest and get a chance to get 10 facebook credits absolutely free at no extra cost. All you need to do is just follow the simple instructions there.

Travel agency zones in miscrits has two unique miscrits alongwith tons of crossovers and some rare miscrits. Participate and unlock one if you have not unlocked one before.

Stay tuned for future updates coz the next big event in Miscrits Rewarder is about to start soon!

Contest is over and the winner is Homer Bakal BAkx Stay tuned for more future contest. Subscribe via e-mail so that you do not miss any updates.
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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Mighty miscrits contest winner.

Riazo Tyrant Dark nepton is the winner for the mighty miscrits contest a big congrats to him from miscrits rewarder. He has won the prize of free training of any of his miscrits from miscrits rewarder. Contact the admin in the group for further details. Really disappointing that only a few submitted their miscrits hoping for some active participation in the future.

For those eagerly waiting for the new contest. The next miscrits rewarder contest will be on 13 August so make sure you keep a keen eye on the blog for further updates and details regarding it.

Zapatose stats, skillset, review and rating.


Type: Lightning Miscrit
Location: Miscrit Shop

Zapatose Stats:

HP: Moderate
EA: Max
ED: Strong
PA: Weak
PD: Strong
SP: Max

"Truly, no Miscrit in all of Miscria can claim to be able to outdo Zapatose when it comes to misdirection and intimidation."
"Lummox's incredible tail is so lifelike that it can startle even those who know that it's just the tail of an itty-bitty creature."
"Bumpkin can move its tail's "arms" by wiggling back and forth. This greatly enhances the overall effect."
"Zori is a relentless attacker, using lightning attacks, its large tail, and its small but powerful body to launch an all-out assault on opponents."

Zapatose Skillset:

Lvl. 1- Spark and Shields up
Lvl. 4- Bite
Lvl. 7- Shy smile
Lvl. 10- Shockz( 10 AP, enchant: +2 AP)
Lvl. 13- Laser Focus( +%20 accuracy. Enchant: +15 heal)
Lvl. 16- Scorched earth
Lvl. 19- Strike
Lvl. 22- Small and mighty( %70 accuracy, +16 PA and EA)
Lvl. 25- Tail Flail( Physical attack. %90 accuracy, 20 AP. Enchant: +4 AP)
Lvl. 28- Misdirection( -6 opponent's EA, PA, ED, PD. Enchant: +1 debuff)
Lvl. 30- Lightning Storm( 31 AP, %100 accuracy. Enchant +5 AP)

Credits to Freddie-X-Zero

The wait is finally over zapatose is now finally in the miscrits shop and you can buy it for 45 fbc. The crit has got some nice skillset but the stats are not that awesome simply good. Atleast a strong health will make it look somewhat nice. Tail Flail and Misdirection supplements its not so nice stats. Accuracy buffs, negating weakness is all there. All you need is some fbc to go and shop this new miscrit.

What we love?
The skillset is awesome.

Would be better if
The stats are somewhat taken into consideration before it was released.

Relics recommended would be
Molten coin, frozen coin and Tiki Shrinking Potion.

Stats: 3.5/5
Skillset: 4.5/5

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Elkenhoof stats, skillset and review.

Type: Nature / Earth Miscrit
Location: ???

HP: Moderate
EA: Strong
ED: Elite
PA: Elite
PD: Strong
SP: Weak

Elkenhoof spends hours every day practicing its pouncing skills, but its lack of speed doesn't help things.

Elchor is connected to every part of the earth, from the towering mountains to the smallest weeds.
Chanelgr wields its many stone spikes with ruthless accuracy, and almost always strikes perfectly on target.
Stagermeister is as smart and cunning as it is strong, which makes it a terrifying adversary for anyone.

Power Up
Stony Slam
Mother Nature
Boulder Barrage
Power of Gaia
Boulder Barrage - 13 AP DOT MOVE for 5 turns , 85% accuracy , +10% accuracy when enchanted
Power Of Gaia - PA move , 3 damage that hits 9 times , +15 heal when enchanted

A great miscrit with some nice skillset and stats. Elite PA and ED with strong EA and PD. The moderate health disappointed a bit but not much considering the deadly stats and the skillset. Claim it now and start training it. A bit different from the earlier reviews but I will be back again with some detailed reviews for this miscrit. Till then just bear for a while.

What we love about elkenhoof?
The skillset is simply awesome and the stats are nice.

Recommended Relics
Molten Coin, Frozen Coin and Essence of foil orb.

Would be better if
Confuse or sleep added in the skillset.

Mighty miscrits contest.

Submit your miscrits pics now!

We know everyone is eagerly waiting for the next miscrits rewarder contest in which you can earn some facebook credits well the wait has finally over the contest is finally here just head over to the  Miscrits Rewarder facebook group link is here
to participate in the contest. The post is pinned at the top of the group and better hurry because the contest closes in a week.
The contest is quite simple all you need to do is just post an image of a miscrit which you think has the highest stat in the comments. Better hurry before the contest closes.