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Aegis stats, skillset, review, location and rating with Mania Gow.

Written By Mangsatabam Amarjit Singh on Tuesday, 15 October 2013 | 10:30

Aegis Review:

Aegis is one of the  two miscrits available in the Ice tower. A widely used miscrit in the arena for its unique skills and strong stats. Elite EA and a final move that hits multiple times and at the same time healing itself. This crit sure can last long in the battles and even deal some heavy damage to the opponent miscrits. This crit can be one among the four miscrits team to defeat the djinns of aerobia. Bright lights can prove to be a useful skill when you are facing a really tough opponents. Other skills like tears to lower opponent defenses and max power which buffs your attacks are all there.

Aegis can be paired with miscrits with moves to completely confuse opponents or cause deep sleep. To bring the max out of this powerful miscrit.

What we love?
Nice stats and the final move.

Would have been better.

Confuse or sleep was there. Negate move missing.

Recommended Relics:
Molten Coin, Frozen Coin and Tiki Shrinking Potion.

Other Recommended Relics by Mania Gow:

Echino Shell this relic setup will boost his Elemental Attack and Physical Defense to another level, downside is little to none.

Flying Carpet Fragment this relic setup paired with the coins will slightly boost his Health, both defenses and Elemental attack as well, downside is a big loss on Speed and Physical attack.

Cage of Despair this paired with the coins will give him great defenses so that he can be on the field for a longer period of time, drawback is no PA boost and speed reduction.

Mont Gemma GB this one will boost both PD and ED for 15 on the first and 10 for ED, boost his speed by +15 making him a even better sniper only drawbacks are -10 Health and -5 PA but with max Health he can handle it.

Aegis Stats:


Aegis Skillset:

Shy Smile
-5 Attacks
+1 Debuff
AP 7
+1 Damage
AP 7
+1 Damage
Sheilds Up
+5 Defenses
+1 Buff
Ice Blast
AP 10
+2 Damage
AP 10
+2 Damage
Max Power
+8 Attacks
+3 Buff
AP 15
+3 Damage
Bright Lights
-10% Acc.
+5% Acc.
AP 20
+4 Damage
-11 Defenses
+3 Debuff
AP 2x13
+15 Heal

Moves To Enchant And Enchant Bonus

Max Power (16)  enchant bonus +3 buff
Wallop (22) enchant bonus +4 Dmg
Bright Lights (25) enchant bonus +5% accuracy
Tears (28)  enchant bonus  +3 debuff
Hailstorm (30) enchant bonus  +15 heal
*Tears has the same effect as Sludge but with 100% accuracy.
*Hailstorm hits 13 times for 2 damage each.

How to use the skills?

Tears and Max Power are the skills you have to aid you in battle, Tears is better used when you know when your miscrit cant go any longer, in this situation using it until your miscrit faints gives your next miscrit a easier time to defeat his current miscrit, while Max Power is best suited to use when your miscrit is strong and you can keep him in the field since this boost will carry over your next fights if your miscrit doesnt faint or switches.

Bright Lights is rather useful, and if used right will give you many victories, you can use it to debuff any confuse or sleep user so he cant connect them often, against multi hit miscrits so they cant finish their attack, saving a big chunk of health and preventing them from activating their second ability on said multi hit skills, the last option would be to use it on a 1 on 1 fight where you would use it three to four times to a point your opponent cant strike you as often giving you a big chance to win that last fight.

Hailstorm is his best attacking skill, it hits 13 times for 2 damage each so even super high EA wont chance much about his damage and will most likely get stuck doing 2 damage per hit and 26 total damage though if you reach that high of a EA with relics plus Max Power he will start doing 3 damage and 39 total damage and that is great, damage aside it also heals 15 health points so no matter the damage it will still give good results to your side, if the fight is hard use some Bright Lights and see your opponent missing attacks while you connect and heal 15 points in the process.

Aegis Location Inside The Ice Tower:
Watch the video below to know aegis location.

Type: Water Miscrit
Location: The Ice Tower

"Aegis was born in the cold and has always loved the Ice Tower. It would rather see sleet and snow than sunshine any day."

"Minder Paw makes up for its diminutive stature by adding blocks of ice to its body. The freezing cold snow and ice doesn't bother it at all."
"Sleetcicle's front paws are constantly getting chipped from the hard, icy surface on which it runs. Luckily, there's no shortage of frost with which to rebuild them."

"Praetorian sometimes has difficulty controlling its long, icy limbs. It is so fierce, though, that no one dares to laugh when it trips and falls."

Aegis Rating:
Stats: 4.5/5
Skillset: 4/5

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