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Fiender review by Miscrits Rewarder.

Written By Mangsatabam Amarjit Singh on Monday, 9 December 2013 | 17:47

Fiender Review:

With four elite stats fiender stats is really powerful only the moderate PD was the down part for this miscrit but that's not  a problem you can add a relic to boost it.

Skillset is deadly with complete confusion and hyperpower combo you can use this to a great advantage. Plus the Final move that never misses when enchanted at the same time boosting both attacks by 1 really a great skillset.

I would like to say this is a must have miscrit in your main team.

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Type Wind
Location: Dawn of Adventure.

Watch the video for fiender location.

What we love?
Amazing stats and skillset. Simply great.

Would be better if
ED was strong.

Relics recommended:
Most necessary: Relics that boost ED.
Add this when you have extra platinums.
Tiki shrinking potion
Molten Coin.


HP: Elite
SP: Elite
EA: Elite
PA: Moderate
ED: Moderate 
PD: Elite


Breeze (01) enchant bonus +1 Dmg
Fetal Position (01) enchant bonus +1 debuff
Headbutt (04) enchant bonus +1 Dmg
Debaser (07) enchant bonus +1 debuff
Wing Beats (10) enchant bonus +2 Dmg
Sleep (13) enchant bonus +5% accuracy
Bash (16) enchant bonus +3 Dmg
Twister Toxin (19) enchant bonus +10% accuracy
Hyper Power (22) enchant bonus +2 buff
Wallop (25) enchant bonus +4 Dmg
Complete Confusion (28) enchant bonus +20% wreak havok
Eerie Breeze (30) enchant bonus +10% accuracy
*Eerie Breeze does 27 damage for 90% accuracy while boosting both attacks by +1.

Stats: 5/5
Skillset: 5/5