Get Started In Miscrits Rewarder.

Miscrits Rewarder is the largest fan site cum rewards site for the Facebook game miscrits. Everything that you need to know about the game is here guides, helpful tips, instructions, reviews to help you progress in the game.

What you need to do to earn rewards? 

Take part in the contests(riddles, some easy stuffs),tasks, tournaments, give-away or other promotions that I run in the blog and in the group.

All the Contest, Offers and give-away that are running in the blog can be found in the Offers Wall. Do not forget to register for the disqus comments to participate in the weekly and daily contests that we run.

For those hungry for proofs that whether this site is legit or not you can just check the testimonials and message those who have already received the rewards I hope they will be glad to recommend you here.