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Miscrits Rewarder is the perfect place for miscrits lovers to win all their favorite exclusives, player traits, paid zones, platinums, miscrits packs and everything in miscrits.

We have many special programs where you can participate to win all your favorite miscrits stuffs as rewards from us. Weekly contests, Giveaways, Sponsored Giveaways and much more.

Not only rewards you can also get to know more about the game from the pros in the game. Almost every strategy to overcome tough opponents, defeat bosses like djinns of aerobia, apollo nox, magicite overlord, fire elementums and everything you need to know about the game is here. Just use the search box and find everything. Detailed reviews of all recently released miscrits.

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Every now and then we organise giveaways where you can participate and win exclusives, free player traits, paid zones, platinums and other stuffs in miscrits. Find out the latest giveaways by clicking on this link.

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